Dale P.

"What a surprise and pleasure it was to receive your note this morning. It indicates your professionalism and dedication you display in your work. Not many individuals would take the time from their busy schedule to show the kindness you displayed to make sure I received such excellant service, even with the nimor set backs on getting the final documents to close the sale. I am glad that Jim directed me to you after working 58 years with several hundred individuals I developed a sense of judgement on as to an individuals character, you meet the test. Thank you for your honest advice, promp action and dedication. Your quick action has relieved me of much stress. Keep up the good work and dedication to your profession. Your note made my day, few if any would take the time as you have. Dale T. P."

- Dale P. Lexington Mo

Margaret H.

"It's exactly one month since the closure of 1126 S. Logan. I shall always be grateful for your tremendous help with what seemed like insurmountable problems. Your expert knowledge and prompt assistance were really life savers for me. So I want to thank you again for not only successfully selling the house, but in my absence getting the final repairs accomplished. I feel you went far beyond the call of duty. With best wishes, and have a happy Thanksgiving. Sincerely, Margaret H."

- Margaret H. Kenilworth, Il